Peace Corps Reflections in sepia

As our IST (In-Service Training) approaches, I’m blown away by the fact that I’ve been living on my own in Hawassa for three months now. And that I’ve been in Ethiopia for five months. Cliched as it sounds, the time really has flown by! So I started looking through my pictures and reminiscing about where I’ve gone and what I’ve seen.

This was my view of Addis Ababa from the hotel room I shared with Jazmin our first few days in Kings Hotel.

Donkeys quickly became my favourite animal in Ethiopia. I took a picture of this guy in Hosanna on our “demystification” trip.

Joel, leading our adoring fans in a chant on one of our afternoon walks in Sagure.

Me and Kerry, standing above William’s (Sagure’s) Gorge.

The lovely tree where many a Hawassan drunk has apparently slept. Not gonna lie, I went inside…and minus the insects, it looked quite cozy.

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I survived “demystification!”

This weekend I went out to Hosanna with four other trainees and a current PCT to be “demystified.” Long story short…I was. We left Addis on Saturday in a minibus and four to five hours later, after two stops had been taken, we arrived in Hosanna. The countryside was beautiful…

But the inside of our minibus was not! Once in Hosanna, we had a romantic dinner by candlelight because a storm knocked the power out. The next day we “explored” Hosanna and pretty much just loitered around town. Our first stop was at a little cafe that made incredible mango smoothies. It was also home to some of the cutest monkeys I have ever seen!

Day three was spent checking out the local schools. We went to a private primary school, a public primary school, and a college. A very academic day made awesome by the incredible ladies I was with.

That said, even they couldn’t save me from being sick the WHOLE TIME. Ethiopia, you win this first round. But I’m going to avoid eating injera…and I’m hoping I win round two : ) Wish me luck.