When Peace Corps feels like home

I recently stumbled across a line from Cutting for Stone that really clicked for me:

Home is not where you’re from,
it’s where you’re wanted.

I wasn’t sure if Ethiopia would ever feel like home, but 6 ½ weeks here in Hawassa, and it definitely does. And that’s probably because for the first time since arriving here, I feel wanted.

I’ve spent three nights this week hanging out with my compound sister Lucy – each night she was home alone and asked if I’d keep her company. We laughed over American movies, shared experiences, and the differences between American and Ethiopian culture. She even showed me how to wrap my hair in a scarf…

Each night, as her family filtered in and treated me like I belonged there, I began to feel like I was home. We’ve eaten meals together…I finally tried fïrfïr (think ïnjära chopped up, spiced up, and served with more ïnjära), which I wouldn’t recommend, as well as a number of delicious fresh breads, which I would most definitely recommend!

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