Fidel Yoga

I need to start this post by letting everyone know I’ve had seven cups of tea today. Seven. One after breakfast, one with morning šay/buna, one after lunch, one with afternoon šay/buna, two at mäkïsäs (evening snack) at Joel’s house, and finally, one after dinner. I know that sounds like a lot of tea – because it is – but it tastes so good here!

Anyway, the amount of tea I drink here is not the purpose of this blog entry. I’m writing this to tell you all about the brilliant idea I had today: Fidel Yoga. Fidel is Amharic’s alphabet, but I feel like I’m in art class when I’m “writing” it. So I’ve had a few difficulties memorizing it.

One of the guys in my town came up with a song that begins “I can dance the two-legged letters” (because fidel is broken into four groups: legless, uni-legged, two-legged, and three-legged characters), and we were singing it in class today talking about how we should create a music video for it.

We were trying to figure out the logistics of actually dancing all of these symbols and I started to give some of them a shot. After trying a few I decided these would make awesome yoga poses (you should know I’ve done yoga twice in my life ha ha).

So now I have a new goal for my two years here: Fidel Yoga. I’m going to create a yoga pose for all 231 Fidel characters. And it’s going to be awesome : ) I’ll take still shots of each pose and then create a yoga video stringing the poses (characters) into words. Like I said: awesome. I’ll let you know how it goes!

(I swear I don’t have as much free time as I’m sure this post is leading you to believe.)

July 18, 2012

An update: I’m going to try to take all 231 of these pictures on Saturday (August 11). It’s going to be awesome!


2 thoughts on “Fidel Yoga

  1. You did Yoga only twice??- so whyyyy DID I buy you a Yoga mat years ago? What? You’ve been letting it collect dust? At least you can use it now. By the way, dad says tea is not Mountain Dew. HaHa

    • Actually…I don’t think I used it either time I did yoga ha ha BUT I have used it for pilates…a few times : ) And I’ll definitely be using it once I get to site! So it may have taken a few years, but it was a worthwhile purchase! And my new beverage of choice these last few weeks has been lošay aka tea with peanut butter: it’s so good!

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