Ethiopian Firsts

I’m definitely not in America anymore…this is Ethiopia:

  1. Fell asleep to the yelps of hyenas – trust me, its not like The Lion King.
  2. Pooped in a hole – this is something that is celebrated with a high five each time a new person enters the club.
  3. Slept with a mosquito net – I try to think of it as a decorative poster bed, but it still didn’t prevent a spider the size of my palm from trying to sleep with me.
  4. Ate pasta for breakfast…two days in a row – I have since told my wonderful host family that Americans tend to eat pasta for lunch and dinner only. Now I usually get a scrambled egg sandwich.
  5. Enjoyed tea – I now drink three cups a day and cannot remember a time when this wasn’t so : )
  6. Took a bucket bath – sucked the first time because the water was cold. Used boiled water the second time and it was glorious.
  7. Ate raw sugarcane – tasty, but not worth the effort.
  8. Went for a walk with a bunch of other färänji (foreigners) and had 30 kids follow us – a bit endearing, a bit annoying. Welcome to Ethiopia.
  9. Had a man assume he could claim me as his wife – I know I’m in Ethiopia, but this is the 21st century, women are PEOPLE not PROPERTY.
  10. Had a hen walk in on me going to the bathroom – this was really just comical.

I live in Ethiopia.

June 26, 2012


2 thoughts on “Ethiopian Firsts

  1. Are you telling me that you weren’t enjoying tea while back in America? If I had know this sooner I would have applied a bit of harmless peer pressure to change that. Great story about the hen though, sounds like you are having an awesome time. This weekend I have plans to write a letter and get a little something special shipped your way 🙂

    • Ha ha Nicole, I love you! I hated tea back in the States…Chai was my only exception. But here, I enjoy it a lot, therefore, I drink it a lot. Also: I’m really excited for this weekend, because I’m going on a visit to check out my site, but now I am equally excited for how you’ll be spending your weekend : )

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